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ABADÁ-Capoeira (pronounced Ah-bah-dah) is the largest capoeira organization in the world, with over 41,000 members all across the globe. ABADÁ Capoeira’s mission is to spread the African-Brazilian martial art form of capoeira worldwide, while simultaneously promoting good character, respect, and dignity.  Through capoeira, students develop skills in self-defense, acrobatics, instrument playing, rhythm, singing, language skills, goal-setting, team-work, leadership, cultural and social cooperation, respect and tradition, as well as personal confidence. 

In correlation with other ABADÁ schools, ABADÁ-Capoeira Orange County (ABADA-OC) works to preserve and share the art, culture and traditions of capoeira, while serving our communities and building strong individuals and leaders. ABADA-OC provides encouragement to our students and partners to carry forward the rich history and spirit of capoeira for future generations.


ABADA-OC uses capoeira as a vehicle for social change and individual growth in order to transcend socio-economic barriers and empower our community. Our organization promotes respect, cooperation, and inclusivity. 

Our teaching methodology is both challenging and supportive, rooted in the belief that encouragement and positive role modeling enable capoeira to enrich the lives of all students, regardless of level or background.


Respect: Maintain respect for ourselves, each other, our ever-evolving capoeira community, the studio we share, and the art that we practice together.


Inclusivity: Include all people, who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, and create a safe space to express ourselves as unique individuals

Equality: Acknowledge everyone’s contribution as valuable. Never underestimate anyone, especially ourselves.

Integrity: Be fair, impartial, and true to our word. Admit when we are wrong and strive to make it right.

Leadership: Serve as positive role models, both inside the studio while training and outside of the studio representatives of ABADÁ. Offer help when we can give it and ask for help when we need it. Hold ourselves and each other accountable for our actions.

Community: Share experiences—hard and easy, joyous and frustrating. Foster a sense of belonging, camaraderie, and wonder. Meet new people and have fun!

Education: Seek to understand and honor our rich traditions.

Strength: Build strong minds, bodies, and souls. Push our limits and approach challenges as opportunities for growth, remembering that failure is essential for success.

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